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Organisers planning an event with an international character need to pay special attention to communication. I advise clients professionally on the communicative aspects of such events, no matter what type or size – intimate business negotiations, workshops, depositions, training seminars or major events.

Languages:  Besides my own language combination (active English and German) I organise multilingual teams for all common – and exotic – languages on your behalf.

Technical issues:  What mode of interpreting and what kind of technical equipment does your event require? That depends on the type of event, the number of participants, the venue and other factors.

Rental of technical equipment:  I work with reliable equipment providers across the country. I can take care of all aspects relating to rental and billing so you don’t have to.

Cost control:  I’ll do the required calculations and give you full insight into the costs involved.


Unlike the written transfer of words into another language, which is referred to as translation, interpreting involves the transfer of the spoken word from one language into another. I am happy to advise you on the mode of interpreting that is best suited to the event you are planning.

The options are:


Simultaneous interpreting
Whispered interpreting
Consecutive interpreting
Liaison interpreting


Karin Walker | Conference Interpreter


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Since entering the profession in 1999 I have collected more than 800 days of experience in the booth and outside, working in a wide variety of subject areas and for a broad range of clients. A number of years ago I also began to organise multilingual teams for various events, some of them large conferences, in Germany and abroad.

Since discretion plays a vital role in our profession I have decided to refrain from disclosing information about my client base and work on this public website. Should you wish to know more, please contact me for my CV and/or a representative overview of my work so far plus a number of client testimonials.



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Karin Walker | Dolmetscher in NRW

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